Views and News

On this page you will find links to important topics and issues in Early Childhood and Education which is relevant to Rainbow. You will find links to articles and webpages that we have written, created or found to help you make informed decisions and choices, and to better illustrate what we do and why. We have also included here news articles featuring Rainbow.

News article from i24 news article about Rainbow

Also in the news – click here to see a 2012 article about the nursery not long after it opened (in Hebrew only)

Family Groupings

Click here to read about why grouping children ‘family style’ rather than in ‘same-age’ groups is beneficial for the development of all children

Bilingual settings

Click here to read about the benefits of raising children in a bilingual settings, and to ‘dispel’ some commonly held myths about bilingualism!

Heuristic Play

Click here to read about Heurtisc play, what it is, and how we use it at Rainbow. You can also help us by bringing in things for Heuristic play – this page will tell you what!

Sharing is really hard!

Click here to read a little bit more about Sammy’s thoughts on children sharing!