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Sammy Fugler | Director


Sammy began his early years career in1996 working in baby and day care provision, gaining the UK qualification 'Early Years Childcare and Education Diploma' (Level 3). He also worked extensively with young people in youth movements in the UK, in 1998 he set up his first Keytana with over 150 children per day, aged 3 to 10 years old. He expanded the programme to run across 8 different sites in and around North London. Sammy's BA is in Applied Drama and Education, shortly after graduation Sammy a post grad in Early Years Education (with Qualified Teacher Status) at the prestigious Institute of Education, Part of the University of London, and taught in schools and nurseries part time for 5 years. Sammy founded Mapalim Ltd in 2000, which grew to be a sizeable education based company, with over 200 employees and a turn over of 2.5 Million pounds a year. Mapalim provided a wide range of educational programmes and projects, many of which were based in the early years. In 2008 Sammy established a 60 place inclusive nursery provision in South London. With a licence from the 'ministry of Education', under Sammy's supervision and leadership Mapalim trained and qualified with national diplomas more than 2,000 nursery teachers. Sammy has also worked as an early years adviser and inspector for a range of UK based government and non-government organisations. In 2010 Sammy gained an MA in Jewish Education, and undertook a significant piece of research into  adults perceptions of children's gun play in early years provisions within Israel. Further, Sammy has edited and published materials in the UK in relation to good practice in early years settings. After marrying an Israeli and following the birth of their son, Sammy re-located to Israel and sold the UK based Mapalim company that he ran for over a decade. Sammy completed the Kellogg-Racanati Executive MBA in Tel Aviv in 2013. Sammy set up the Rainbow nurseries in 2012 because he was dissatisfied with the local Israeli provision, and wanted something different for his own son, who was then 6 months old. Sammy is proud to have established a well run, bilingual and inclusive provision, which runs 52 weeks a year! Sammy now works 65% of his time at Rainbow, and 35% of his time as an external verifier, inspector and examiner in the UK for Early years, teacher training and Childcare based training provision.

Emma  | Nursery Manager 

emmaEmma has been the manager of Rainbow since the very beginning, and was instrumental in setting up and establishing the nursery. She recently took time off to have a baby, who is now in our baby unit.
Emma is a trained nursery teacher, having completed a full apprenticeship in the UK in Children's Care, Learning and Development, she is  uniquely qualified to lead the daily practice of the provision. Emma has more than 10 years of experience championing best practice and working in early years provisions. In the UK Emma worked in several nurseries, including in management roles, with responsibilities for daily running and planning for over 30 children per day. What Emma doesn't know about day care, quite simply - isn't worth knowing! She is everyone's go-to person... from sleep advice to weaning children onto solids. There isn't a rash that Emma won't recognise! She is the ultimate Early Years guru!

Nick | Deputy Manager

Kindergarten Leader


Kinga | Team Leader 



Nick qualified early childhood teacher with a passion for children’s learning and care. before joining Rainbow he was head of early years at an International School in Vienna.

Nick has a strong track record of creating fun and interactive learning activities and materials, observing and reporting on child development and conduct, and developing solid rapport with children, families and staff. 

Nick holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and a second Bachelors degree in Children’s Social work. The combination of both degrees give Nick a good background to differentiate and be responsive to each child and their personal needs. 

A qualified early years practitioner, with certification from her home country in Hungary. Kinga has been in Israel for more than 10 years, and is a near-native Hebrew speaker, she completed a Bachelor of Education here in Israel and has a teaching licence from the Ministry of Education. Kinga is also a mother of a 3 year old boy. She leads the Baby unit with ruthless efficiency and passionate early childhood development. She leads her team to support every child's individual needs and in addition to emphasising the importance of core care routines for children, her creative learning activities bring the baby unit to life with amazing experiences to support all five of the children's senses.

Maggy | Team Leader 

Toddlers and Babies

Francesca | Team Leader

Maternity Leave


Maggy has significant experience working with children and families - she holds a degree in Early Years education, and is a fully licensed early years teacher in her native Serbia. Maggy has been with Rainbow since 2015, and worked with our youngest children. She is currently the team leader for our Baby and Toddler unit. 

Maggy believes in developing and creating nurturing environments for children which build independence from a young age. Maggy has developed strong and meaningful relationships since she has been at Rainbow, not just with the children, but also with their families. 

Prior to  joining Rainbow, Maggy worked extensively as an early years practitioner in Serbia, and led class groups, before moving to Israel to be be with her Israeli partner. 


Francesca  joined us as a team leader in July 2014. She is currently on maternity leave, she gave birth to her beautiful son in August 2017, and will be back with us soon! She is an experienced early years practitioner with a strong background in anthroposophic education. She originally studied for a degree in English Literature and Drama at Bristol University in the UK. Having attended a Rudolf Steiner school herself, Francesca went on to develop her own passion for Steiner education and became an apprentice of early childhood education following the anthroposophic methodology.

Francesca worked for two years in the Tuvia programme in Harduf (Northern Israel) at the well known Steiner programme, and for her last year there, she was a senior practitioner. Francesca has also worked in a kibbutz gan with very young children, and  before joining Rainbow worked in an American gan in central Tel Aviv.



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