Rainbow Policies

snap352We have a number of policies and procedures that help us to effectively manage the nurs
ery. A policy is an agreed way of working, which helps make our relationships with parents and families smooth, as we all know what is expected. Policies influence the way we behave and guide the decisions that managers, team leaders and practitioners make. Policies provide a clear framework in which we work. Pr
ocedures provide us with a set of steps or actions that we follow in given situations. Parents and families are contractually bound to follow nursery policies and procedures, and can also expect our staff to work within these set p

Our policies and procedures are set out below. Please click on them to read each other. These are also some general guidance documents included in the list below. If you have any queries, or wish to discuss these, please call us on 054 6271 708

Biting policy

Booking late Sessions and Friday sessions

Child Protection and Safeguarding policy -AND- accompanying guidance

Diarrhoea and Vomiting – Staff procedures

Dropping off children at gan – The Rainbow way

Exclusion Policy (sickness and infection)

Medication Policy

Paddling pool policy

Prevention of blood borne infection (Procedure for staff to follow)

Transitioning to the potty or toilet – a parents’ guide

Unwell Children

Settling in policy

Suncream policy