Prices and Packages


There are THREE different packages to choose from

English Club Packages


Programme 2

For programme 2, the fees for each month varies, as it includes a charge of 120 NIS for every holiday day. The fees for each month are posted below:


We also offer the option of Holiday’s only, for children who do not  attend the afternoon programme, but would like to join us during holiday periods. These are charged at 195 NIS per day.


We are making some slight changes to our packages from September 2017. We will now only have the options of a full package, which will include all holidays within in.

Our programme is 5 days per week only. We run from 2pm until 4:45 pm term time, and 8:00am – 4:45pm during holiday periods.

1,580 ILS per month

The price includes:

  • Every afternoon during term time
  • Full day during holiday periods (e.g. – passover, Chanukah etc)
  • Half days (mornings) on Erev Chag (Festival Eve)
  • Hot cooked meal every day
  • Pick up from local gan irya (state nursery) in the Lev Area