Birthdays at Rainbow

1st-birthday-wishes-1024x683Birthdays are very important rites of passage for children, and each year marks a new coming of age. Many children at Rainbow will have their very first birthday whilst they are with us, marking the end of their first year on earth. A very special time indeed! We want to help parents, families and children to celebrate birthdays at Rainbow and be part of sharing in this special time with our Rainbow families.

Some parents and families choose to keep birthday celebrations out of nursery – and that’s FINE! There is no obligation at all to have a celebration at Rainbow, but for some families – they really relish the opportunity for a small celebration in the nursery. We are flexible!

If you do decide that you would like us to celebrate your child’s birthday, you can discuss with us how you would like this to work. Please speak to your child’s key-worker or the unit team leader.

We can make a small celebration ourselves for your child; we will have a ‘special’ fruit time, and sing birthday songs for your child, they will wear our birthday crown made from leaves (or paper) and flowers! We do fun, but low key! And… of course, we will be happy to send you some photos!images

Some parents choose do a little more, and get involved with the celebration! That’s also fine. Please spend a few minutes talking to the nursery staff to organise how you want to do this, and what you would like to do.

But here are some general guidelines, so that we all have the same expectations:

  • Any celebration at nursery, should not be a replacement for a child’s party, we do not hold ‘parties’ in the nursery, we hold small celebrations.
  • Celebrations take part (usually) at the end of the day; around 3:30 – feel free to discuss in more detail with the staff
  • Many parents want to bring a cake, we prefer that instead you bring some special fruit, or more healthy alternatives to cakes. Click here for some GREAT ideas. happy-4th-birthday-195-pHowever, if you insist on cake, then we it must be healthy, ideally home made and very plain. It cannot contain any nuts, chocolate  (and of course no coffee, alcohol, marzipan or icing!). We have some GREAT recipes for low-sugar healthy options, which we prefer you to use. Click here to see them!
  • No other food apart from fruit (and cake, if you wish) should be brought into the nursery
  • If you wish to bring small gifts to give out, that’s fine! This will be given out at the end as the children go home
  • Up to 4 adults may come along to the nursery for the celebration, and up to three additional children (brothers, sisters, cousins etc), but no more
  • In the baby unit – we don’t allow any cake at all

images-1Some parents like to also do something ‘special’ as part of the celebration. Here are some examples of things that parents have done in the past:

  • Brought in their guitar and sung a few special songs with the children
  • Made a small puppet show from a well known children’s story
  • Brought balloons and made balloon animals with the children
  • Brought a special story to read
  • Choreographed a small dance show with some music
  • Planned one or two games to play

If you wish to do something like this, or you have your own ideas – feel free to discuss!