Pre-School Overview

Pre SchoolOur Pre School provision on Ha Avoda Street, provides a stimulating and challenging learning environment for toddlers, up to those starting school or ‘big gan’. We take children from around 15 months (once the child is walking and sleeping only once during the day), up to age 3 or 4 – whenever they move on to school or municipal gan.

Our basic hours are Sunday to Thursday, from 7:30am until 4:30pm, with the option of a 5:30 finish. Fridays from 8am until 1pm is also optional and is joint with our children from the baby unit. Click here to see the full details, including prices.  Our dedicated staff are early years trained and provide a 1:6 ratio, with additional staff available when required, such as during settling-in or transition periods.

15 months to 3 years – is a very wide age group! Our general philosophy is that children learn best when they can experience life with peers of all age groups, so at the preschool setting we do not ‘group’ the children into different ages. We use a ‘family group’ approach. This means that all children are able to mix and play together and are not separated according to their age. We believe this is a VERY healthy approach and provides many benefits for the children. We have two main play rooms, which do focus on different ages and stages of development, and through our focused and planned activities we provided targeted sessions for the different age groups, and specific children who attend.

Click here to find out more about the broad benefits of mixed age grouping, and why it is now so popular around the world!