Day Structure

Our day in Toddlers is split into segments, and you can see the full routine laid out in its segments below:




snap56snap57IMG_2482.JPGThe structure of the day at toddlers has some level of flexibility in terms of our day plan, but we try to develop a routine, which is the same every day, this helps build children’s confidence as they can predict what’s coming next, and they learn the order of the day. Children take great comfort and reassurance from repetition and routine and this is a strong element of the stability we try to provide at the toddler unit.

In the Red and Blue groups children generally take longer to do things, and more time is spent on transitions, as the year progresses their transitions will become seamless and they spend longer focused on the activities. Some of the children in the Red and Blue IMG_2359.JPGgroups may still sleep in the mornings, though this may change as the year progresses.










In terms of planning, and activities, we have a weekly time time showing the kinds of activities that are planned for each slot of the week.

Click on the images below to see our weekly timetables for toddlers…


Here are some examples of weekly activity plans!

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